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Shipping and Delivery

How long should I typically expect to wait before my item arrives?

Where is my order being shipped from?

Which courier is responsible for handling the delivery of my order?

How can I track my order?

Why are you taking so long to get my order delivered?

I only received part of my order. Where's the rest of it?

Do you ship internationally?

Which postcodes are exempt from shipping?


Why did I receive an email informing me that the item I ordered is out of stock?

I want to buy an item which is in stock, but the moment I select a different variant of the item which is sold out, then I select the variant I chose before, that, too, appears to be sold out. What's going on?

Can I buy items which are out of stock?

I want to buy product "x", but it's unavailable in your store. Why do you not sell it?

Where can I read product reviews?


What currency do you display your products in?

How much do you charge for shipping?

What payment methods do you accept?

I don't own a debit or credit card I can use to make a purchase with. Can I use my bank account to pay for my purchase?

Why did my payment fail to process/why was my payment declined?

Why are you asking me for identification after I made a payment?


My order has arrived, but I didn't receive what I purchased.

My order arrived in a damaged state.

I've changed my mind; can I cancel my order?

I made a mistake for an order I already paid for. Can I please request a change?

When are returns, refunds, and replacements not accepted?

Why is my refund taking so long?


I have concerns about how my personal details will be handled. How can I be sure that you are a legitimate store?

I have a question that is not listed here/I would like to make a suggestion.

Accepted Payment Methods


How PayPal works

PayPal Requirements

POLi Payments

How POLi works

POLi Requirements


How Afterpay works

Afterpay Requirements

Why was my Afterpay payment declined?

I'm trying to pay with Afterpay, but it won't redirect to the payment gateway.


How zipPay works

zipPay Requirements


How Laybuy works

Laybuy Requirements